Welcome Orchestra 2020-2021 Parents and Students to Kniskern Music House Orchestra Rentals!

Receive high quality, teacher approved instruments.


                 In Addition:

  • Rental payments apply towards purchase
  • Easy online form and pay online options
  • Benefit from knowledge of instrument rental third generation owners/musicians.
  • KMH Studios are local; 136-138 Spring St. (next door to Spring St. Deli)
  • Return (Saratoga school pickup or KMH drop-off) at any time. No obligation.
  • Your music teacher has daily access to a Kniskern Music House, Inc. School Representative

What is NEW:

In deference to what we are facing, all violins, violas, cellos and basses along with all bows and cases, have been Covid-19 sterilized. In addition, because of the hardship Covid-19 has caused many, all KMH orchestra instrument rental costs have been greatly REDUCED. Our goal is to enable all  children to have access to that all-important music education during these challenging times.

Initial rental four month trial period: 

  • Violin or Viola $ 9.95 (includes M&R)
  • Cello $12.95 (includes M&R)
  • Bass $19.95 (includes M&R)

Monthly thereafter:

  • Violin or Viola $26.95 + $ 4.00 M&R
  • Cello  $32.95 + $ 5.00 M&R
  • Bass $39.95 + $ 8.00 M&R

Relax, and let locally owned Kniskern Music House, Inc. help you and your child have the experience and memories of a lifetime through your  Schools’ outstanding Music Education Program!

Kathleen Kniskern, SDA
Kniskern Music House, Inc.
136-138 Spring St.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866